Thursday, 4 September 2014

Poetry Event/ making Money Online Seminar

A Story That Can Change Your Life for Better. I think it's wise you read it carefully.

If you overheard Bayo and Femi discussing, and Bayo says:
"Femi, do you know I make a whole lot of money online? That's my major source of finance"

What is Bayo's occupation? #think and give answer...

Haba, don't we all know the answer!

Shhhh! It's YAHOO YAHOO... Abi?

Therefore, Femi was right when he quickly took to his heels with fear that Bayo is a YAHOO Plus (and might use him for sacrifice)


If it were you nko? You no go run?

Abi who wan die!

Bayo then laughed because Femi has a misconception of him. Guess what? Bayo is not a yahoo guy ooooo. He is a truly God-fearing child of God who makes legitimate money. Femi perish wasting away as a jobless man job-hunting about for he lack knowledge.

Guess what? Both Femi and Bayo are true children of God in this context. Only that Femi chose the poor life like Lazarus while Bayo chose to be rich like Abraham. Who would you chose?

Perhap, you now wonder, what exactly is my point?

My point is, YOU! Yes you! that is reading this right now can also learn to make money online.

I know you've heard this a thousand times but see no reality in it. That used to be my view too before. To cut the long story short, come and learn from our guest Gbenga Samson (Purpose Prophet) at Speaking Pen International Concept SEMINAR coming up at Infinity Hotel, Ipaja, Lagos alongside our Award Programme for writers.

You would be taught how to make legitimate money online.

It's cost should cost you a ticket fee of N4000 only. Guess one more thing, it subsidized to a token on N500 regular and N1500 V.I.P. Shh! Isn't it almost completely FREE

Abegunde Sunday O.
Speaking Pen International Concept
Egbeda, Lagos.
BBM: 28288B1E

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