Saturday, 18 October 2014


When full silence does whispers,
The deafs can claim to hear.
When the room becomes darker,
The blinds' sights are right.

Amidst the mourning silence,
Who can tell who the dumb is?
Amidst the noisy crowd's hands,
Who can point who keeps mute?

Are not in the leagues of wolves
Some who'd covet humane heart?
Are not in the leagues of lambs
Some who'd envy cruelty act?

Who knows if it's true
That fishes do sweat too?
Who knows if there's a clean sty
Where heavenly pig lies?

Though I know I don't woe
Against hypocrites souls.
But surely I do know
Hypocrites are truth's foe.
In hades lies such soul's ghoul
And I hope they know so too

By: Abegunde Sunday Olaoluwa
@SpeakingPen @sunnystar247

Critism is Needed in Poetry

No one truly poetic, would hate a poetic critic.

Literary appreciation is not all about praising the works of a poet.

Praise is only one of the appreciation devices. Analysis and Critic are also appreciation devices.

Without critic, a writer's growth will be stunted by sycophants.

In nutshell, he that hates critic is not truly poetic. No one is angelic in perfection.

Abegunde Sunday Olaoluwa
Speaking Pen International Concept

Thursday, 16 October 2014


SPIC AWARD 2014:::::: SPIC Poetry Challenge 2014
3. James Ademuyiwa: Who Built Rome?
2. Abada Anita: Last Allegiance
1. Prosper Nwokoro: A Mother's Dying Words

Outstanding Achiever of the Year
3. Adam Ibraham
2. Kukogho Samson
1. Graciano Gracias

Book of the Year
2. Manifesting Your Destiny - Light Kingsley
1. Beyond Dialogismos Kemjy Xtien

SPIC Poetry Challenge 2014

5. VISUALISE by Melisha Murray
4. WAR CRY by Vincent Van Ross
3. WE ARE ONE IN THIS FIGHT by Iyeomoan Emmanuel Ehizogie
2.13. WE CRY FOR PEACE by Paul Alowo
1. SWORDS OF WORDS by Bob McNeil

Olayemi Ayo
Shittu Abosede Eniegurl
Poet Eriata
Gbenga Samson
"Punctured Silence" Kolade Olanrewaju Freedom
Abegunde Sunday O.

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