Wednesday, 21 October 2015


By Abegunde Sunday Olaoluwa (Speaking Pen)

You use 'em all
Like ass accessories
And dump 'em all
Like trashes in debris.

You gift 'em cash
To become your boo
But crash to trash
Their inner true value.

You got each fed
To use her head
And got 'em paid
To get 'em laid.

Your skill of drifting 'em away
Keeps on improving day by day.
Now, like lies of promiscuous guys,
Does your lips promise 'em all lies.

Your many merry presents
To purchase the maidens' consents
To sheath your fleshy sword
Into their unexplored world
Ignoring God's order to every brother
To await the sister on nuptial altar.

Even if Eve seduces you to eat
Fruit that can cause you curse
Stop playing Adam, the Romeo
And act out a resounding NO!

By Abegunde Sunday Olaoluwa (Speaking Pen)

Peace is possible yet…
Plenty people perish piteously.
People die daily; people cry daily.
People sigh sadly; asking 'why!' loudly
People wonder why wars waste lives sadly…
When peace is possible and violence is stoppable.

Peace is possible so…
Silence of violence we plead
As adept poets pen to preach peace.
We, poets plead, ‘Let peace prevail please!’
So no more shall people of all walks bleed…
When peace is possible and violence is stoppable.

Peace is so-so possible…
In the heart of Iraq and Israel,
Peace in Somalia and everywhere!
Peace in Syria, Egypt, Mexico. Pakistan…
Peace must reign in Asia, Yemen and Afghanistan
Since peace is possible and violence is stoppable.

Peace is so-so possible…
If people place peace in its proper place,
And hatred is stomp so that violence stops.
Then, shall peace bell be rung as nations gong
And quit chaotic war songs we’ve wrongly sung
Since peace is possible and violence is stoppable!

ABEGUNDE SUNDAY OLAOLUWA is a multi-talented Nigerian that heads Speaking Pen International Concept worldwide. He is a highly inspired inspirational and motivational writer, poet and speaker, with an eloquent ability to express issues of importance.

"Speaking Pen", as he is fondly called, is a post-modernist when it comes to the use of language. He is an exemplary leader who has evidently gone the extra mile to accrued knowledge about each service his firm offers.

Rev. Samson A.I. described Sunday as having a distinctive voice within his generation, and says that he should be heard and read.

Sunday's poems are contained in several international anthologies like 'Art of Being Human', and 'The Phenomenal Woman: Maya Angelou'.

Some of his notable Awards include:

FPASU as Most Inspiring Writer of the Year 2013/14, ACJ prestigious Writers' Award as Outstanding Young Achiever 2014, Creative Writers Association of Nigeria Award as Literary Emperor Award 2014, Outstanding Young African Kindle Author 2014 and also listed in EGC Top 50 Poets That Rocked Nigeria 2014.

He wrote a best-selling motivational book, "Unleash Your Potential: Beyond Just Motivation" and a poetry book, "In His Realm".