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This is targeted solely at Nigerians.

If you are satisfied with being unpublished, then this is not for you.

If you published and satisfied with being a local champion only, this may not be for you.

If becoming an overnight billionaire is your only motivation for wanting to be a published writer, this is definitely not for you.

If you already have you own books printed in the USA, you sincerely do not need this... In short, I could learn one or two things from you smile emoticon


If you do not fall in the category of these people above, you can read on.


This article is a sincere explanatory reply to a client's enquiry having read through explanations on our website (www DOT speakingpen DOT net) and our short pdf "Frequently Asked Questions"...

For you to understand and not misconstrue what is written below, first read through the relevant section on our website (www DOT speakingpen DOT net, replace DOT with . and put no space between) and send your email to get the frequently asked questions in PDF form.

Nevertheless, you can proceed without reading the faq or website but 'no say I no tell you ooo' ‪#‎smile‬. Then if luckily you understand this article, ensure you clap for your self ooo.


Having gone through (www DOT speakingpen DOT net) and the FAQ, here we go go go---->



You're appreciated for taking time to read through our web and frequently asked questions.

If you pay N15,000, it covers cover design (front, spine and back, which you can use for your Nigeria Print too). It also covers interior design (which is totally in conformity with foreign our printer's requirement).

It's already stated in the FAQ that if you pay N8000, your script would be formatted for kindle (a special ebook format) and it covers for the front cover only since ebooks do not require spine and backcover.

Does that include the designing and printing of the interior and exterior of the book?...and... .for how many copies?....


As lucidly stated in the FAQ, N8000 makes your book available only in a widely read ebook format on Amazon. Typically, amazon don't allow Nigerians buy... so only non-african countries can buy your book.

Also, as clearly stated in the FAQ you read, N15000 include formatting cost, processing cost, delivery cost and you'd get 4 to 8 copies only depending on the dollar rate, production cost and shipping cost as per time.

For now, the unstable shipping cost per copy is around $11 and your book's production cost $4. Subsequent copies e.g 10 more copies would between 2000 to 3000 each.

Also as stated in the FAQ you had read, the capital for printing abroad is low but the cost per unit is expensive and the shipping cost per unit is even about four time more expensive per copy.




As clearly stated in the FAQ you said you had read, if 1000 copies is what you want, printing in USA is not a right option for you. We would have to get your book printed in Nigeria. Printing in Nigeria requires higher capital. We don't accept less than 500 copies.
The cost of printing in Nigeria depends on a whole lot of factors which has to be calculate for each book. On the average, 1000 copies can cost say, N150,000 to N180000. And 500 copies can cost between N100,000 to N130,000. That is mathematics of the publishing industry.

As clearly stated under the appropriate section of our website you read through, we sincerely stated that how we readily promote books we publish but full-fledge marketing is treated as a different package, which attracts a different negotiation after publication.

..selling (books), how will it be done? We can make your book available on stores like Kaymu and Konga (and Amazon for US Print). We recommend book launch and book signings, which we can sure guide you through.

.. One bitter truth is, the Nigeria situation states that "no one can ever market the book better the author of it". I understand the consequence of saying this. It may scare you away but it's the truth. Alternative, you should be ready to invest financially in book marketers. We can recommend Sunshine Booksellers. They major in book marketing.

Abegunde Sunday Olaoluwa
Principal Director,
Speaking Pen International Concept


BBM 27FF6CAB, Sunnystar247@yahoo(DOT)com,
(www DOT speakingpen DOT net)


FAQ about out cheap publishing publishing packages...

Where can I find other books you’ve worked on? www.tinyurl.com/spicbooks .. The bestselling book, ‘Unleash Your Potential: Beyond Just Motivation’ is available in local bookstores spread across Lagos, and some other states in Nigeria.

How long will it take my book to arrive? We will finish up your book cover and interior design within two days following your payment. It will be sent for printing in the USA, and it will normally take 40 days to ship to Nigeria. We opt for the standard shipping option as it is the cheapest for you. We recommend this option. However, note that you can get it within seven days if you are willing to pay higher fees.

Is it true that Nigerian cannot buy from Amazon? Yes, by default, Amazon doesn’t allow Nigeria and most other African countries to buy from Amazon, for whatever reason best known to them. The Speaking Pen Team comprises not only Nigerians; we have Americans and Britons in our team presently, so we are able to offer an international service which avoids that restriction, despite essentially being a Nigerian business. Therefore, we can help you order your book, anytime you desire.

Do I get royalties? Yes… when your royalties accumulate to $100 in any country in the world, we will process the check received, and forward it to your bank account.

How much would be charged for processing fees from the royalties? We charge only 5% for the processing fee - but caveat emptor, the American government charge tax, and Nigerian banks may also charge for processing foreign cheques.

So how many copies of paperbacks are offered with the paperback publication package?
It depends on your book size, but sincerely between 4 to 8 copies come with our promo due to high shipping cost. Talk to us and we will be able to tell you more.

I want to know much about the publication details….
Foreign paperback printing costs 15000 Naira, and for Kindle (eBook), the price is 8000N. If you opt for both, which is the best option, you receive a 3000 Naira discount (Note: this will revert to our normal charge soon).

Who will determine the price of my book? Authors can decide the prices of their books. Amazon do have a lowest minimum price stipulation though. We will let you know what this is for your particular book.

How much will I make? Sincerely, if earning a living from your book is your objective for wanting to publish your book, Kindle (international eBook) or USA is not best for you. I would advise that you opt to get 200 to 1000 copies of your book printed in Nigeria, which would be the most profitable option for you, if your major objective is making money from your book. Shipping costs and other factors which limit the amount you can make are reduced by selecting this option. Please do feel free to discuss this with us.

How many readers will read my book?
Kindle is advised for authors whose major motivation for publishing, not money making. In reality, it is not possible to say how many people will read your book but our services do help in terms of being able to find out how about how to boost your chances of success! Do contact us to find out further details.

How do I pay?

Account Name:Abegunde Sunday Olaoluwa
Account Number:0141568370

Account Name: Abegunde Sunday Olaoluwa
Account Number:2961225653

CLIENT: Good morning!
CLIENT: This is aaaaaaaaa (client's name).
CLIENT: I want to know information about publication details please.
SPIC:Many thanks for your enquiry. We are delighted to hear from you. Let me offer you the information you require. Foreign paperback printing and Kindle is 15000N, and Kindle only is 8000N (Note: this will revert to our normal charges soon). Thanks so much for your enquiry. Your custom is most appreciated! Do you have any other questions?
CLIENT: I was actually thinking of having 1000 copies of my book printed. Is this possible? Would it be better to have my book printed locally in Nigeria?
SPIC:We are happy to help you with your questions. Getting your book printed in Nigeria will be the surest bet, if you want up to a 1000 copies.
CLIENT:Many thanks. So what do you suggest? I may opt for a smaller amount on a trial basis until I am sure. I am looking at different paper colours and covers at the moment and I still don’t know what to do.
SPIC: If ten to thirty copies printed in USA at top quality is what you want, printing in the USA, and shipping to Nigeria would be better for you. You could then actually see the copies and get a good impression of whether the format and the quality of the copies is a priority. But if 100 to 1000 copies is what you want, then it is cheaper to print in Nigeria. We really value your custom and thanks so much for your enquiry. We are here to help. Would you prefer to opt for the Nigerian or USA option initially?
CLIENT: I would prefer printing from USA to start with, and then perhaps I will have a large number of books printed in Nigeria following this.
SPIC: That is something that we can help with. What single factor matters to you most?
CLIENT: Quality matters a lot to me.
SPIC: You’re right- of course quality matters. It is a question of finding the most cost-effective and expedient solution for you. We are here to help you along every step of the process. No question is too difficult for us to answer!
CLIENT: I will email you the manuscript tomorrow evening unfailingly. I am very interested in taking things forwards.
SPIC:Thank you very much for entrusting your book to us- we will offer you a personal service where we will be able to answer your questions as things proceed and ultimately you will find that the final results are greatly satisfying. Meeting and exceeding expectations is our job! We look forward to receiving your e-mail. As soon as we receive it, we will put things in motion.
CLIENT: By God’s grace!
SPIC: Give it your own best shot before you send it, and if you can think about how your manuscript would be viewed by your audience, this is always a very good thing to do before sending off the final copy to us. Do you feel that you have a particular audience in mind or age group, and in fact what genre is your book in?
CLIENT: Yes Sir. I am excited about the whole project and I can’t wait to send my file to you! Are there any guidelines on what the document should contain, apart from the main contents? Do I need to put in an index and also a biographical introduction/preface?
SPIC:Thanks so much for your questions. Really filling in the form is a great start and we will take things from there! We will get back to you if we have any questions that we need to ask you. My team will do justice to the formatting, and you will be involved in the whole process.
CLIENT: Alright then! Thanks very much. I am looking forward to seeing my book when it has finally been printed! I will then be a self- published author and I suspect that it will be a real adventure for me…

CLIENT: Does the printing package include editing?
SPIC: You book will surely be skimmed for basic errors, and our team will point these out within the document and edit it in a very simple manner. However, if you actually want us to thoroughly edit for you, you will need to separately opt in for our editing service. To save costs, you can let your friends and other capable people around you proofread for you and then opt for the simple service. If you want a 100% professional look, then you will have to decide which option to go for, depending on how well you feel that you can deal with this side of things yourself.
CLIENT:Many thanks. I will perhaps think about that and get back to you. When you say publish, what do you mean?Printing, editing and all?
SPIC: We have two options…
Option one: #8000… We will publish your book on the world largest eStore known as Amazon. Readers from all around the world can assess your book through this means. This is a very attractive option as it is cost effective and it gives your book wise access to readers.
Option two: #15000… We will get your book printed in USA, and shipped to Nigeria.
CLIENT: So if I would like my book on Kindle, would it be option 1?
SPIC:Option is one is the eBook only option, and option 2 is the paperback (hard copy) option. Clearly you can also opt for both if you wish.
CLIENT: Thanks so much! My manuscript is not yet typed, however….
SPIC:You do need to get your thoughts onto paper of course, and if it is in paper and pen form, it has to be typed and sent to us as a Word document. We are only able to work with Word documents, yet this programme is readily available and we are able to deal with older forms of Word also, not only the latest ones.
CLIENT: Where would the paperback be printed?
SPIC:Thanks for your question. Your book will be designed and formatted in Nigeria by Speaking Pen International Concept, and it will be printed in Seattle in the USA by an Amazon company. They offer a very high quality service!
CLIENT: How many copies will come with your offer?
SPIC:We would like to clarify this for you, and if you have any questions further to this, do let us know.Upon your payment for our service, you will get between 4 to 10 copies. You can pay for the order of more copies if you want. The numbers of copies you’d get after publication depends on your book size. Note that shipping costs from USA to Nigeria per copy are higher than the book’s production costs. Therefore, this has to be factored in to your decision.
CLIENT: What will be the cost per copy if I wanted more?
SPIC:Certainly, it is possible to order more. The cost is determined by many fluctuating factors which include: shipping cost, Naira to dollar conversion rate, your book’s weight… If you make a specific enquiry, we will let you know further details.

We are here to make your dreams come true so please feel free to contact us and let us know what we can do to help you! Many thanks for your interest in our service.

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