Tuesday, 2 September 2014


I love reading. I read virtually anything that comes my way. I'm no fan of the Romance and Magic genre, I got this book gifted and delivered to my device on 28th August, 2014 around 10:00 p.m. I started reading and did find this to be a unique fictional book with magical allusion.

I've seen a couple of movies about vampires and other horrific fairy creatures, I tell you, here is a book that would how you spell bound in suspense. The author has a simplistic style of rubbing reader's back with words coinage to help you relax after which she suddenly spin up your pulse again making you curious to know if a character would survive or not.

I learnt from Jordan how love can be an antidote to tame a hungry vampire. Love changes evil intents to good.

Author Week's character called Elizabeth, a sun-friendly vampire she is. She trusted Cecile who knows that she is a vampire.
In desperate hunt for blood, she found love. The romance life between Elizabeth (An innocent girl cursed with vampirism) and Jordan ( a carnal guy who's supposed to be Elizabeth's meal) is quite hot.

Lorcan the warlock is back; can Elizabeth still resist the urge to kill Jordan while she starves irresistibly?

Wouldn't Jordan run for his dear life when he knows Elizabeth is the vampire Chloe (his friend) fled from?

N.B: If you are a religious type who doesn't watch horror films and magical movies like Merlin, Harry potter, Legend of the Seeker and the likes we all know, this book is not for you. But to all who love a gentle suspense and an enjoyable read, dear, don't miss this!

Reviewed by:
Abegunde Sunday O.
Speaking Pen International Concept

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