Sunday, 23 November 2014

Nigerian Young Author Speaks

He who has a burning zeal to kill kills.
Little wonder the Boko 'Rams seems unstoppable.
Little wonder Osama told Obama that his passion to die is greater than Obama's passion to live.

He who has the burning zeal to heal heals.
Little wonder Christ couldn't be hindered
By the scribes, pharisees, sadducees'.

You! Yes YOU!
I dare you to whisper to yourself right now! 'what do I have a burning zeal for?'

If it takes more than twenty seconds for the answer of this to pop up within you, you may need to get that puzzle solved before you sleep tonight.

Don't be to assume you know your purpose if you've not defined it before now. Of course, every man thinketh he knoweth. Many know not that they actually don't know.

Education is good. It's great. But the issue I have with it is education has been bastardized. University degrees now break people to fake. All an average youth want now is to get degree as look for job. And that is all!

If that is what Bill Gate did, would we have compuuters? If that is what Mark Zuckerburg did, would we have this Facebook? If all Apostle Paul did after studying Law under Galileo was legal practices, would his impact rocket down to this our generation?

This is an unedited unread straight from the heart text of mine. I wish I can type on and on to completely do justice to this subject matter. I'm sorry I would have to stop here for now... BUT I beseech you think about this. Love you.
I would gladly grace your next programme, seminar and so on.

Abegunde Sunday Olaoluwa
Public Speaker/ Author of:
Unleash Your Potential Beyond Just Motivation