Tuesday, 7 June 2016


Let's be reminded that we have a review tomorrow. I will send each person's piece for review to them. Let's keep the flame of our hope glittering in the darkness, and the light of our works frittering away gloom.
I just thought I should share these words with you. I know they might not be unfamiliar to all of us here, but additional knowledge on them would not be injurious to us in any way; they may even boost our divergent and unique use of them. Below are just five and their use:

*titter* - To laugh in a restrained, nervous way.
Synonyms: giggle
Usage: Mention sex therapy and most people will titter with embarrassment.
*perspire* - To excrete perspiration through the pores of the skin.
Synonyms: sudate, sweat
Usage: The air-conditioning was broken in his car, and he began to perspire heavily in the heat.
*billow* - Rise up as if in waves.
Synonyms: wallow
Usage: Smoke from the burning building billowed up into the sky, obscuring the sun.
*strangulate* - Kill by squeezing the throat of so as to cut off the air.
Synonyms: strangle, throttle
Usage: The police are searching for a serial killer who strangulates his victims.
*inebriate* - Fill with sublime emotion.
Synonyms: beatify, exhilarate, tickle pink, exalt, thrill
Usage: He receives your propositions with an enthusiasm which cheers, and plunges into their accomplishment with an alacrity which almost inebriates.

*_Good morning_*, strive to learn a few words everyday as you write and pen your innermost thoughts towards changing lives and societies..

Spic, Alawode Tosin O. (Mirzadekunme)
Head of SPIC Critiquing Unit
Speaking Pen International Concept

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