Saturday, 27 September 2014

List of all participants in the SPIC International Online Poetry Challenge of 2014, tagged: #SPIConlinePoetryChallenge2014”. @Speakingpen #SpeakingPen

Below are the number of likes and comments each poet’s poem earned as at 5:35pm of Tuesday, 23/9/2014.

1. A MOTHER’S DYING WORDS - by Prosper Nwokoro 352/287 = 639

2. LAST ALLEGIANCE- by Abada Anita 224/113 = 337

3. WHO BUILT ROME? - by James Ademuyiwa 102/115 = 217

4. KITAN - by Adedayo Adeyemi Agarau 70/88 = 158

5. SELF IMPRISONMENT - by Okwor Maxwell Onyeka 78/71 = 149

6. AN ASSURANCE OF THE FUTURE - by Ogedengbe Tolulope Ayobami 88/61 = 149

7. I DIED ANOTHER'S DEATH -by Covenant Chimnonso 64/40 = 104

8. CLOUDS CRY -by Balogun Stanley 39/44 = 83

9. HAVEN IN ILLUSION -by Ishola Abdulwasiu Ayodele 46/36 =82

10. I AM NOT A POET -by Egharevma Terrific T. 42/35 = 77

11. LET ME SWEAR - by Ewo Franklin Chidi 34/35 = 69

12. READ ME -by Lebile Oluwatosin 47/18 = 65

13. IF THERE WERE NO GOD -by Odenusi Olawale S. 24/12 =36

14. KILLING IN WHOSE NAME (Ordeals of other Earth) by Okeme James 20/16 = 36

15. THERE’S MORE TO LIFE THAN SEX!!! -by Kuteyi Damilola 23/11 = 34

16. REVOLUTIONARY MINDS -by Christena AV Williams 19/9 = 28

17. BURY MY BONES IN BIAFRA -by Iyeomoan Ehizogie 18/9 = 27

18. A POET SHOULD BE PRESIDENT -by Segun Adebiyi 18/6 = 24

19. BOKO HARAM: YOU ARE WEAK -by Bhekumusa Moyo 20/4 = 24

20. A PETITION TO THE GODS -by Justice Gift Ogochukwu 15/7 = 22

21. DANCING HEARTS -by Palmer Tuoyo Presley 17/4 = 21

22. THE DEFINITION OF LOVE -by Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha. 13/6 = 19


24. SHATTERED DREAMS by Omoya Yinka Simult 10/6 = 16

25. WAR AGAINST WAR -by emecheta Christian 11/3 = 14

26. REMEMBER -by Oku-ola Paul Abiola 10/4 = 14

27. I KNOW SOME PEOPLE -by Jimoh Hammed Olaouwa 10/3 = 13

28. CHILD NOT BRIDE by Akpubi Kume 10/3 = 13

29. SUNDOWN -by Obabueki Osahon Joseph 10/2 = 12

30. JUST BEFORE WE DIE -by Idede Oseyande. O 9/3 = 12

31. I KNOW OF A MOTHER -by Bolarinwa Sikiru Abiola 10/1 = 11

32. CRIMSON TEARS -by Zephaniah Micahdamina 9/1 = 10

33. HEARTS' RHETORICAL CRY -by Salam Tiwistar Seun 7/3 = 10

34. BRING BACK OUR CHILDREN -by: Dike Dyke Williams 7/2 = 9

35. TO MY BELOVED; ( I pour out my heart) -by: Nnawuihe wisdom chisom 5/4 = 9

36. I PROMISE -by Poet Akinwemimo Idris 7/2 = 9

37. IF TOMORROW STARTS WITHOUT ME -by Dam Michael 3/2 = 5

38. “NIGHT FALLS....AFRICA " (An Elergy To Nelson Madiba Mandela) by: Richard Alozie 5 = 5

39. DUSK by Ogunlowo Abdlazeez Olanshile (still on the score)

40 Uzoma -by: Danny Nwauzorma (still on the score)


Our Last Anthology:

Tuesday, 23 September 2014


I had critically read(not just skimming) through regiments of poems submitted for Speaking Pen International Anthologies.

I read a whole lot of poems entered for SPIC Poetry Competition.

Every poet that submitted can be tagged as wonderful. Thumbs up I say.

However, it's not bad if we can consider some of the weapons the rejected poems lack and that which the selected poem has. I think this would be helpful to budding poets and acclaimed BIG poets (I don't believe any poet is more equal than the other). The distinguishing factor is that some are ignorant of some weapons other good poets use.

Facebook has been a blessing to poetry as it creates a ready platform for voice of poets to be heard.

On the contrast, it has also pampered many poets with flattering. Poets don't correct poets anymore. Some would not even read the work before clicking 'like' or commenting. It's now praise swap thing. That is, if you like mine, I must like yours and shower you with beautiful comments as you do to mine.

It's not supposed to be so. Critique is a literary weapon we not longer use for the fear of hurting the writer. My view is this, without critiques, you would only grow older in the penning art without your penning quality growing bolder. One thing I just beseech is that since critiques is to help one we love, it need not be done opening e.g as comment, on timeline and so on. No! Sending your opinion of things you need. Correct the person of inbox, calls, bbm, whatsapp is much more acceptable. Subtle ones can however be made opened

*Here are the tools I found missing in many poems online. You don't have to use all these weapons as a poet, but when you use none, I'm afraid you're only an acclaimed poet even if you works get thousand of Facebook likes, comments (flattering).

1. Punctuation:
I was so shocked when an acclaimed poet read my work and said something like "Bro, I swear, your flow is pretty good but a poem should not be punctuated". I was like "really!". Then I quickly flashed my mind through handful of Shakespeare's works, JP. Clark's works, Daddy poet Soyinka's works which I've read. None was without punctuation. I smiled.

2. Rhymes:
I full consider it a statement of wisdom that poetry is not all about rhymes. I have also seen poems I didn't enjoy because the poet focus too much on the rhymes thereby killing the sweet flow and message the poem would have had. Imaging is a vital weapon you must not leave out.

3. New words:
Use a handful of uncommon words modestly to jazz up your poesy. I encourage simplicity so that even non-poets can also understand your flows. One of the first set of poems I ever did consciously read was "Mary Had A Little Lamb". Its expressions are so simple that I, a primary four boy, understood it then. But I learnt new words like 'fleece', 'lingered'...

4. Flow:
Poetry, should has a flow in similitude with what we call tempo in music. I remembered when I was learning the da-dum stuff. Ask performance poets of this.

5. Typos: spelling and grammar should be checked

6. Formatting: Different units of the poem should be broken in stanzas (if needed).

7. Poem type: I understand the seeming revolution in modern poetry. It seem to be an anything goes poetry era. However, I think a poet should not only write free verses and blank verses. Where are the sonnets, tankas, narratives, odes, epics, lyres, haikus, diamonte and so on?

It is worthy of note to state that hymns, raps, psalms, music lyrics, philosophy are all close siblings by poetry however, written poem should be written by the poet to be distinguishable from its siblings.

8. Play on words: Thank God for wonder poets who still jazz up the aesthetics of their works with alliteration,rhymes, rhythms and other painting toys which add splendor to their work making it beautiful for even non poets to enjoy.

9. Figures of speech: Use of similes, pun, irony, metaphor, personification, oxymoron, euphemism and so on stands your work out. Ask my boss, William Shakespeare

10. Economy of words: Words are the currency poets spends. Jealously use it judiciously. If three words can express and idea (,keeping on with the flow,) why use six?

11. Catchy title: There are many good poems online. But since poetry readers like myself have other important activities competing for my 24 hours daily, I only read poems which its title glues my eyes within five seconds.

12. Meaningfulness: Direct meaningfulness can be sacrificed for Beauty of expression (but shouldn't be meaningless)

13. Readership: When a writer is not a good reader, it may affect the quality of the writer's work.
(To be continued...)

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