Saturday, 13 September 2014

Good Morning Poem

Welcome to this new day
It's another platform
To right your ways

Welcome to this morning
Which we've been graced
To see it's dawning

Welcome as we come
Back to life enjoying
The privilege of seeing,
Of feeling, of breathing, of loving
Of working how our morrow becomes

Welcome to this morning
Nights for sleepers
Mornings for thinkers
Night, comes our subtle death
Morning, comes our new day breathe

Welcome to this morning
You're alive again
To sense your room
It's Resurrection from bed's tomb
Deafen thyself to yester pains
Today, a gift, a new opening

To you, I say, 'top of the morning'
However enjoyable sleep is,
Waking is much more interesting
A new slate of hope it is
A new platform today is
For purpose fulfilling
A day for me and thee
To look, then see, work and be

Author of:
"In His Realm" Best of Inspirational Poetry Works and "Unleash Your Potential Beyond Just Motivation"

Thursday, 11 September 2014

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